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antje duvekot(Aunt-yuh Doo-va-Kott)

Antje Duvekot


Review - Daily Local News (PA) (June, 2009)

Review  Daily Local News PA June 2009

Chester County, PA
Friday, June 26, 2009

"This is a beautiful album, full of great songs."

Antje Duvekot
The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer
Black Wolf

Three years after her excellent "Big Dream Boulevard," Antje returns with a new album that's destined boost her to the top of the singer/songwriter scene.  If there were any criticisms of the previous album, it was that it seemed a bit over-produced, but that has been remedied here, with the help of Richard Shindell in his first role as a producer.  Bringing Shindell's deft hand to these songs has given the album a more gentle, relaxed feel that suits Duvekot's thought-provoking, occasionally dark songs perfectly. These are basically understated songs that show real insight into social and personal situations, and the lightness of touch in the production helps the lyrics land their punches.

The lyrics are accentuated by Antje's distinct vocals. There's a youthful innocence in her voice that is immediately disarming and easy to enjoy.  Shindell's presence is also felt on many tracks in the form of his immediately identifiable instrumental and vocal work, and the disc also features the talents of Lucy Kaplansky, John Gorka and Victor Krauss.  The ten songs here are all excellent -- in particular the beautiful "Long Way," the opener "Vertigo," and "Ragdoll Princes and Junkyard Queens," which is the most upbeat song on the album.  This is a beautiful album, full of great songs.

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