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Antje Duvekot

the seal whisperer

greetings from california. i think i'm in a travel magazine! white cliffs, yellow flowers, blue skies, turquiose ocean and seals that keep popping their curious heads above water to check me out. it's 65 degrees (yes, Massachusetts, this is an emigration threat!). i just completed a very excellent tour of the west coast with my friend chris o'brien ( and have ended up slightly north of santa cruz. the seals are lying on the cliffs like sacks of potatoes but in water they are pure grace. they belong in the wild. calamati olives go wonderfully with coke zero i just found... i used to want to be a marine biologist. i often dream of whales. on those days i wake up happy. the german word for seal is "sea dog" and now i totally understand why because they literally bark! i know it sounds absurd but i think they are talking to me. thanks for reading my random thoughts. as a reward you get to listen to another 3 songs from my brand

new record. click here to listen to the songs!

peace out sea dogs!


PS: speaking of sunshine and perfect blue water, i've just been booked to perform on the cayamo cruise 'journey through song' ( alongside patty griffin, lyle lovett, shawn colvin, the indigo girls and more. yay.