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Antje Duvekot

preacher in the whitehoue

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hi everybody,

so, who doesn't feel a little lighter today.  seeing Bush fly off in that helicopter was kinda like that sweet moment when unwanted house guests finally pack their bags and get in a cab after a long torturous visit.  except this guy stayed for 8 years and the torture was ACTUAL...

obama's inauguration was beautiful of course.  and how about music!  i don't know about you, but it's in music that i begin to grasp. when aretha started singing, my heart opened up and i cried and i thought"what a huge moment in history this is".. and.. "nice hat"(because even during epiphanies my ADD still gets the best of me).  i cried when pete seeger and bruce springsteen conducted "this land is your land" at the national mall the day before (though they quickly killed my moment by bringing beyonce up right afterward).

in his speech, obama talked about the need for freedom AND equality which prompted my ADD to shoot back to this book i am reading by will durant 'the lessons of history' in which durant makes the claim that history has proven that freedom and equality are always diametrically opposed and that when one grows, the other always shrivels and vica-versa.  but i can totally let that go, because when obama speaks, ijust believe.

that's because, he is a preacher.  he is a preacher-president. and he spoke to me.  he actually included 'non-believers' in his list of 'faiths' during the speech for which i am ever-grateful. because so often, as an agnostic in this country, i have felt on the outside. especially when it comes to national government functions where the public mentions of god can surpass those of the constitution.  you can cough "ehem..separation of..cough. church and state" under your breath all you want. NOBODY around you ever seems to mind the blatant violation.  so while atheists still have a long way to go in this country, i was pleased to finally be included by my new preacher president. obamaism - at last an all-inclusive religion to join. i think i am an obamaist.  but not an orthodox one. one should never be orthodox anything.

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