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Antje Duvekot

the near demise of the high wire dancer is finally done and on sale!

hello folks,

it's here.

it came out gorgeous.

richard shindell produced it.

john gorka, lucy kaplansky, richard shindell, mark erelli all sang and played on it. i'm trying to write a kind of grand announcement here about my brand new record 'the near demise of the highwire dancer' to let you know that it is now finished (finally!).  but, truth be told, i threw myself into writing the songs, singing and playing them in the studio, countless listening hours of versions of mixes and master-mixes... up until a few hours ago.  and now that it is ACTUALLY DONE, i feel completely spent, like a blank piece of paper. it's a nice feeling to have made something like this from nothing over the last 6 months and have it be completed.  so today..i will not be making anything.  barely even sentences.  i should actually say that WE made something from nothing because i worked on this project with richard shindell who lent his most awesome talent to every facet of the recording. and we had a whole slew of amazing musicicans and people join.  we had so much fun.  and i think the vibe comes across in the music. now i'm hoping that you will enjoy it. the album is available for purchase today, and will ship out on  february 10th!  for a little preview, you may listen in right here click here to sample.

click here to buy

i hope you will enjoy the record, i'm proud of it.


i think i'm gonna go watch a dumb movie now or stare at the ceiling (if i'm feeling ambitious).

all the best for 2009!  thanks for the support!


p.s. check out the shows this weekend in pennsylvania and new jersey and a northwest tour starting next week.