antje duvekot(Aunt-yuh Doo-va-Kott)

Antje Duvekot

immigration woes, new cd and lots of shows....

hi folks,

i deeply hope that you are all having a peaceful pre-christmas season without any rabid crazy shopping excursions.  things here are fine. i just returned from a three week tour of the UK which included a ten hour detainment by immgrations at heathrow airport for lacking a work permit and being a terrible liar. it might have been the most unconvincing "i am only here to sightsee" that their customs guard have ever heard and even as the words came out of my mouth i knew that i was toast. even more so when they opened my suitcase and found my cds and my tour itinerary (i didnt have the presence of mind to swallow it).  but i made it onto british soil after ten hours of questioning and waiting and waiting..(in a cold room that was bright as hell. with no reading material! yeah, it's the no reading material part that was cruel and unusual i thought.  reading and re-reading the rights of every detainee poster on the concrete walls over and over gets boring after ten hours). not to mention that i was already exhausted from my overnight flight.  in turn, stepping out into the streets of london afterwards was the sweetest thing you can imagine. and every free, unbridled footstep i was able to take in whichever direction i well-pleased made me realize how fucking great it is to be free... pardon my language.

now things are slowing down. one more tour before christmas and a fun one at that.  hitting the road together will be myself, meg hutchinson, anne heaton and natalia zuckerman. weee! you can be sure there will be loads of harmony and 4 times the value of your ticket price!

lastly, and i've already mentioned this, but the biggest new item in my microcosm is: richard shindell produced my new record which should be out barely after christmas (yes, brilliant marketing!). it's called "the near demise of the highwire dancer". richard also played and sang on it. as did john gorka, mark erelli, duke levine, lucy kaplansky and so many more.  it came out just marvelous.  Check back at my website, we should be setting up to pre-orders very soon.

upcoming shows

12/7 the town crier  pawling, ny

with natalia zuckerman

12/9 the living room nyc, ny

with anne heaton, meg hutchinson and natalia zuckerman

12/12 the gravity lounge  charlottesville, va

with anne heaton, meg hutchinson and natalia zuckerman

12/13 the tin angel  philadelphia, pa

with anne heaton, meg hutchinson and natalia zuckerman

12/14 godfrey daniels  bethleham, pa

with anne heaton, meg hutchinson and natalia zuckerman

merry holidays and all the best,