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Antje Duvekot

modern media blues

hi everybody,

first things first.  i am writing to remind you that this sunday at tupelo music hall in NH  i am going to be playing songs from my new record "the near demise of the highwire dancer" and others.

just recently, the record received a very nice (we think) review from holland. according to the google computer translation: "The harmonies of John Gorka and the aforementioned Kaplansky jump in the eye." so that's a good thing. also " Shin Dell Duvekot has undoubtedly decisive ingredients. Formerly wild Antje Duvekot's music is sometimes limited to the lovers of the narrative listening song."  so i think i am really going over in holland.  

now. it's that time again where i let you in on my stream of consciousness. which i guess is all the rage these days, right?  to twitter, tweet, blabber, blogger on and on about your state-of-mind, whereabouts, etc, lol.  sorry nothing to laugh about, i just wanted to say "lol".  i never have before.  you see i'm really trying to get on board with the modern media age but to be honest it makes me feel like i am from another century*. you see i like things that grow (woods, meadows), things that talk to me specifically (aka real people), art, touch. maybe a few facts thrown in once in a while. for example my boyfriend and i were watching CNN last night. within 30 seconds we've caught on to the 'fact-part' of the reporting (namely, obama released bush-era torture memos) but what ensues then is basically jerry springer.  opinionated people yelling at each other (albeit more articulately than on Jerry Springer) and no news.  i mean, isnt CNN supposed to be the 'serious' news channel?  if i wanted propaganda-tainment, i would go to fox or msnbc (where rachel maddow's snippy self-righteousness drives me bonkers!).  for the record, i am left-leaning but whatever happened to straight news?  in my native country of germany, we have state-funded news channels that just give you the news straight up and it is ACTUALLY informative. here we have "welcome to CNN, we have been at the sight of where the miners were trapped for the last 24 hours now and we're telling you EVERYTHING that is happening which is currently NOTHING".  some argue that journalism isnt dying but rather it's becoming more democratic and diversified. you can now get more varied points of view from the internet than before.  but that's just the problem. they're only points of view. and too many of them. the modern media age requires you to be a keen detective about news outlet's hidden motives at best, or, at worst, it requires you to be numbed into submission by people fighting each other on tv while you're waiting to hear some news in the first place.  oh geeez. i'm sorry. i didnt mean to be a kill-joy calvinist about it all, but if you need me i'll be hanging out in the forest and mumbling to myself something about moral decay and how everything is better in germany :) lol  

two last things i mean to tell you.
one- the talented chris obrien is opening my sunday show.
two- i am supporting a cause called INVISIBLE CHILDREN to rescue the 3,000 child soldiers in Uganda. In support of The Rescue I'm giving away a free download of my song  "Merry go round" on .  Please visit the site and download my song as well as hundreds of other artists for FREE after registering and learning more.

antje duvekot (formerly wild)

*of course technically i AM from another century since i am more than 9 years old, but you know what i mean...