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Antje Duvekot

mystique-enhancement vs. the boring truth

hi folks,

greetings from the road.  the glory continues.  today  i'm at a hotel near the nashville airport. so, let's face it, these blogs are inherently problematic. they are designed to let fans in on our day to day/ stream of consciousness as touring artists, but if we really told you the skinny, i'm almost certain that our mystique would take a bad beating.  so to protect you from de-mythification, i have devised 2 blogs for you today.  one is the boring truth and the other is the mystique -enhanced version.  you can choose which one you have the stomach for.

xoxo, antje



Nashville 2:30pm

i've been pondering a conundrum.  wafflehouse or jack in the box.  either seems equally disgusting but i am stuck at this hotel on a highway and those are the only options in walking distance.  i have been here for 2 days waiting for lucy wainright roche to pick me up.  she's providing the car for the tour we're about to embark on together. the "Wimpy Women in Music" tour as we've privately christened it after a coffeehouse volunteer told us last month that lucy and i oughtta appear on this program called "Powerful Women in Music".  Lucy is Rufus Wainwright's sister. her voice and songs and stage presence are terrific. so i hope you come out to see us together this week. i am already in nashville in this holding-pattern because i just came off of playing "cayamo,journey through song" a music cruise out of miami. so it didnt make sense to fly home.  many of my heroes were also playing on the cruise (lyle lovett, indigo girls, patty griffin, shawn colvin, john hiatt, kathleen edwards, glenn phillips to mention just a few).  on one day, they took all the artists to a private island. on the boat ride i sat next to patty griffin and shawn colvin and the whole time i didn't say a word to them (this is my way of expressing that i really want to meet them more than anything in the world - it's a shy-person thing!). great story i know. you wanted to know the truth.  my new album "the near-demise of the highwire dancer" is receiving extremely good support from radio. people seem to like it.



greetings from beautiful sunny nashville!  music city, nashvegas. home of the grand ole opry!  life is great. after my afternoon massage, before i hit the night life, i reckon i'll order room service. sushi.  this is the start of a tour with myself and the world-famous lucy wainwright  roche.  if you can even secure a pair of tickets, i hope to see you at one of the shows.  well, having fun surely is exhausting.  myself and patty griffin and shawn colvin partied hard on the "cayamo" music cruise we headlined last week. patty said she wished she were as out-going as me.   my new record is fucking amazing. anyway, gotta go work on developing that drug habit i've been working on.... ciao ciao

Ps-don't forget to come to my cd release parties. To see and be seen. If you don't live close enough, you may order the cd and throw it a private event when it arrives in its envelope.