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antje duvekot(Aunt-yuh Doo-va-Kott)

Antje Duvekot

my fall (seasonal and physical)

hi people,

i guess this is it. the signs are all around: my friends' video retrospective of their august vacation, my calendar filling up with gigs, wearing long sleeves to walk to the mailbox. i celebrated summer's last few hurrah's going whale watching with my friends chris and robby before the mythical giants move on to the caribbean to birth calves (the whales - not chris and robby). also seeing my friend sarah walk down the aisle into a new chapter of her life over labor day weekend. a few last swims in walden pond...

but already there's seriousness in the air. i feel my ancient self poised to start gathering fire wood for the winter and traces of my childhood-self getting nervous to face the neon hallways, new teachers, new locker combination. the cooling air hints at me to cut the goofing around. get serious. get my shit together.
summer is never long enough. we never get to do all that we planned. i meant to learn the piano but i broke my hand bike riding. well - bike falling to be more specific. i fell hard on my head, too, and because of that i was grateful to get to see another day. in the process i also confirmed that our healthcare system is as confusing and broken as my hand was (but that's a blog for another day).

i'll be getting back in my car soon to hit various areas of new england, oklahoma and the midwest. this means i'll start talking to myself again. i don't talk to myself at home. i think i would feel like a crazy person if i did. but i talk to myself when i'm in my car. only ever in my car. thankfully, talking in my car will become more appropriate in october when lucy wainright roche joins me for a midwestern tour. the two of us always have a lot to catch up on. shortly thereafter, i'll be heading to california to attend and play at TEDMED a medical conference which i am very excited about.

well that's all the news from the duves today. if you or anyone you know talks to themselves out loud in their car, please let me know about it. i suspect it is more common than we think. so i am looking for hard data.

xo, antje