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Antje Duvekot

sometimes victory, sometimes defeat....

april 12

wowsers. i think we made it through the winter? i wrote much of the songs for my next album over the winter and i believe i shall be calling it "new siberia". in fact here in Boston we had such a whammy of a winter that the snow piles (as you can see from this picture) have developed an immunity to the laws of physics and are currently turning into glaciers. but life is returning all around which is a trick of nature that i never tire of.
in the vein of rebirth..... i just had a little renaissance of my own. namely, a surgery that drastically changed my life. no not...THAT kind of surgery. i had sinus surgery. let's just say i was miserable before. i couldn't breathe through my nose, bad sleep, no sense of smell and it was difficult to sing with what turned out to be yucky growths (polyps) clogging up my nose and sinus cavities. they were taken out and i am so happy. turns out breathing is a very wonderful thing :)
singing feels a bit strange now that it's all empty in there but i'm sure i'll get used to it.  and i can smell again! when i discovered that this sense had retuned to me, i opened my cupboard, stuck my nose in a jar of strawberry jam and, to my surprise, i kind of teared up...  it was so complex and beautiful. i still have to see my surgeon a few more times but i already feel wonderful and once i get used to the new head space, my voice should be more dynamic and clearer too!  - so throw away all my records!!!  just kidding. but i AM planning on making a new record soon and... i'll probably need your help. - but more about that next time.
be well and thanks for continuing to listen in.
xo, antje

april 17

hi again,

five days later, a little less exuberantly yours, i am writing from a plane out of el paso, TX (if you ever get the chance, i recommend you paso on el paso. it's kind of the pits. el pitso). i'm headed home from a tour that will go down under the "defeat" column :(

i was so excited to (pass through el paso and) head to new mexico and try out my new voice at the pinos altos opera house where i was booked. a true historic wild west outlaw opera house. greg brown's favorite venue. super cool. i began feeling a little sick during the 12 hour travel day out here. the next day my voice was rougher and by the time i completed the treck to pinos altos, NM (7000 ft above sea level) my voice was gone. just gone! nothing to do but cancel the gig 2 hours til show time and head home... 4 days, 6,000 miles, 30 cups of throat coat tea and 800 travel dollars later...   if you, too, came to this end of the earth to see me play for naught, i feel terrible and i'm thinking about you as i'm flying home like an empty-netted fisherman....

upsides of it all....well, let's see:

1. i bought a cowboy hat

2. i saw mexico.  from I-10 you can look right across the wall into Juarez (1/4 of a mile and yet such a world away)

3. the snow piles in Boston might be gone when i get home

4. i discovered radio resistance (right, uh...this is a weird one. so going through Logan airport security on wednesday i opted out of the TSA backscatter x-ray technology because i remembered that x-rays are bad for you. but then later i decided to research: an x-ray with backscatter technology is maybe 0.0001 mSv. a dental x-ray is 500 times that much. a CT scan is 20,000 times that much. and of course we're always exposed to natural background radiation. so a TSA backscatter scanning equals only about 42 minutes of background radiation in a person's life. in considering this, i came across the case of Guarapari, Brazil where the natural background radiation is 175 mSv annually. that's like getting 7 mammograms a day. YAIKS! ...but THEN! - just as i started feeling sorry for these Brazilians - google revealed that there have been zero ill effects discovered upon the health of Guarapari residents. it's believed that people and animals can build up a radio resistance over time. so, on the way home, i opted FOR the backscatter x-ray technology and when i get home i plan to stand in front of my microwave and sleep with my cell phone. you can never be too prepared!

well, that's all for now....
cheers, antje

updated: 5 years ago